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1. To masturbate excessively, to the point pubic hair is ripped out and the wiener remains sore for at least 1.5 hours.

2. To perform drums on a street corner for a small amount of cum from passers-by.
1. I cum-drummed so hard semen poured out of my nose.

2. Don't judge me! This is what I do! You are so ungrateful; I play beautiful music and you can't spare a drop of cum!
by Mack B May 21, 2008
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Someone that takes in as much semen as they possibly can, they more than likely really love the taste of it. Either in the mouth or by way of other holes they may have in their body. Also known as a whore, slut, hooker, dirtyleg, or split tail.
Man I saw that chic with three dudes last night, she is a total cumdrum. That bitch is a freaking cumdrum, she swallowed every drop of my load.
by jeremy sandifer February 15, 2009
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1. Grab yo bitch
2. Spin her around
3. Have a seat
4. Make her sit on you
5. Put it in her
6. Bend that 'ho' over
7. Get to slappin that ass
Baby--the sex gods are displeased by our lack of action. Hop on and I'll give that new cum drum rhythm I wrote a try. Maybe that'll make them happy.
by Sasquatch Johnson June 04, 2007
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