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Proceeding the act of intense physical stimulation of the male genitalia, the female will transfer any ejaculate directly from its place of residence to the facial region of the aforementioned male. a brief struggle ensues eventuating in the even distribution of ejaculate across both parties faces.

There's no winner in a cum fight.
person1; I'm sick of my girlfriend starting cum fights.
person2; You'll just have to masturbate more so there's not enough cum to start one.
person1; Sweet :)
by naughty ninja November 25, 2009
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To fight with ones cum, often involving drink and a night in a small flat, Human Edjaculate is the best and only projectile involved.
"hey im going to go on a instant messiging program and challenge people to a cumfight!"
by MatthewPerryBlack November 17, 2009
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