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When the girl (or guy if gay) has say if and how you can ejaculate.

similar to Cum Conditioning: the art or process of com conditioning someone.
Scenario #1
Guy #1 "man my girlfriend is so cool, she lets me cum in her mouth half the time she gives me blow jobs"
Guy #2"Brah she has he majorly cum conditioned, she isn't doing her job. Its a blow job, she dose it from start to finish or she gets labeled a slut and kicked to the curb"

Scenario #2
Girl #1 "whats up girlfriend, i was having sex with my bf and i already cum so i made him stop before he could cum.

girl num 2 "lolz gf, u got him com conditioned"

Scenario #3
Guy #1"I was getting this sick Blow j from my girl friend i asked if i could cum, she said no so i finished in the bathroom. It was so awesome."
Guy #2 "lol she has you cum conditioned u poon, you cum in her mouth every time by default, its just what u do. no warning nothing just give her your surprise"
by Bomb dizz September 29, 2009
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