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The awkward pee males take after busting a nut due to the fact that there is still, maybe, just a dabble of spunk left in the chamber. Aiming must be precise in order to get the peepee in the potty. Pee may also come out in a spray, V shaped, or possibility of a drip or six on the feet. (Warning: Slight stinging may occurr!)
DAMN! I just pissed on the floor due to my cum dam! Do I mop it, use toilet paper, or leave it? Oh fuck it. Wasn't that much! RIGHT!!!!!!
by Droops June 14, 2008
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A synonymous term for condom. The term emphasizes that the sperm's flow is stopped and will not falter unless the 'Dam' is broken.
Alan-Dean " Dude! I'm scared that I might have gotten Beky Pregnant!"
Ray" Why? What happened man? Did your Cum Dam Break?"
by Daravouchi November 26, 2013
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When you creampie a gallon (or less, but no less than 2 quarts) so the semen stays in the vagina. Then, when you retract the penis, all of the semen ejected into the vagina flows out very slowly, but not too slow. (the penis acts as the dam)
Man 1: How was Jamie last night?
Man 2: Oh she was great, I did a cum dam all up in her. She was moaning, while cum was flowing out of her.
Man 1: That sounds good. (Lenny face)
by v3stis July 28, 2017
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