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Someone whos live is so devoid of interest that they latch onto a subculture until they are then known among said subcuture, such as emo goth hipster geek Usually consists of a lack of intellectual prowess and accepts anything that is released or shown by their idols or peers as "great", "cool" or "awesome" until someone who knows more about the subject and provides a more valid argument on it says otherwise. Also referenced as a Fud, Moron, mindless, Idiot etc.
example: David"Did you see the new Joker for suicude squad, its looks so awesome" Sean" Its is the most profound example of our worlds artistic value and is a simply to appeal to the masses of "batman fans" out there who have steered its story content and design down the shitter" David"Yeah, its pretty shit man" Sean"You are such a fucking culture sponge"
by Tothemadhouse June 25, 2015
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