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A person (usually a woman) obsessed with cuddling. Sometimes the person herself (or her close friends) will use this term jokingly.
Kate is such a cuddle whore that she asked half our party guests to hug her!
by Ingeborg S. NordΓ©n May 03, 2006
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A cuddle whore is someone who cuddles excessively.

Someone who cannot get enough of cuddling.

It is also a person who is a whore, but they would rather cuddle with you than have sex with you.
"OMG! She is such a cuddlewhore."

"I am a cuddlewhore. Wanna cuddle?"
by Pebbles April 09, 2005
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One who likes to cuddle. This person can actually be driven to anger if not cuddled enough or at the right times (e.g., after coitus).
That cuddle whore craved affection more than air!
by Sappy the Squirrel March 09, 2005
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One who will go to great lengths to cuddle; is not seeking anything sexual; is not very particular about the one with whom he or she cuddles. Often most active in cold weather.
Guy One: Did you see Pat and Lisa cuddling the other night.
Guy Two: Yeah, and Pat and Steve the night before.
Guy One: What a cuddlewhore.
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
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A guy who hooks up with you only for the purpose of cuddling afterward. Can often be a touch sanctimonious, as they feel they've "paid" for the cuddling, by putting out. The water spritz won't work. There may not be a way out, as far as I'm aware. Prepare for dreams of gnawing your own arm off, and pray you brought a sedative.
I was once most impressed by a very memorable Christmas trick way back when where the guy made it clear beforehand that he was a Cuddlewhore, and also made me pledge ahead of time that we would cuddle afterwards.
by Carrl July 19, 2006
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