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Cucumber or cukes is made up of 90% water, which is easily digested, but what happens with the other 10%? The problem is that this % accumulates along the sides and roof of your mouth, and a largre portion of this percent subsides just before your airvalves. When a person breathes a very distant (almost matched to garlic breathe) smell exhales from your mouth, this is called "Cucumber breath."

It is regarded among many as a vile form of behaviour and many proffesionals recommend that one only eats cucummber in private. Not to be shared as a social food or treat. Also watch out for 'Persian Cucumbers' as their smell is much worse.
Jenna: "Hey babe, your breathe is honking (Holds nose)"
Stephen: "But all I had was this measely cucumber..."
Jenna: "Eeuw! Haven't you heard of 'Cucumber Breathe'? Sorry babe, but your gonna have to wait for your anniversary present."
Stephen: "(Sulks)."
by Jacob Ladizwi May 02, 2008
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