CubeCraft also known as CubeCraftGames is one of the biggest Minecraft servers in the world. Thousands of players play on it daily and it hosts many popular Minecraft games such as SkyWars, EggWars, PvP and more!
Sup! Wanna play some EggWars or SkyWars on CubeCraft?
by Camezonda February 7, 2020
a server that doesn't how to make private servers
stupid cubecraft
by Frixza March 27, 2022
a minecraft server that used to be fun until the turkish lagger wave of players
hey wanna play some cubecraft? oh why not :(
by Technosword December 7, 2020
F*cking people who play the popular minecraft server Cubecraft and spend money on it. These people usually smell like *ss and are very bad at minecraft

An example of someone who is NOT a cubecaft sh*tass is the minecraft play who goes by the alias of: Charmanderpy
me: hey did u see that Cubecraft Sh*t*s?
some random non: yeah i did they F*cking suck at minecraft bro
me: Cubecraft Sh*t*ss*s are very bad at minecraft pvp and play a lot of cubecraft and spend money on the server
by Charmanderpy February 20, 2021