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1. Intellegent, attractive and sweet females that are fiery dancers, speak rapidly and take your breath away!
2. Bluntly, the best people to know!
People:Ya'll are so awesome!
Twinz: What do you expect, we're Cubanitas!
by Irene Ruiz May 06, 2005
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An exotic woman from the carribean island of Cuba. Speaks rapidly in spanish and english and are always in a cheerful mood. Most likely to consist of a caramel or chocolate skin tone, thick luscious curly hair, and a big old african ass.
Cubana Lust and Janie Diaz are both cubanitas.
by Qbana January 28, 2011
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A word like Boriqua,except for cubans.
Ey dawg look at dat fine lil cubanita ove durr.
by DiAnA January 31, 2005
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