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1.) Is an abbreviation for the term

"Cracking The Fuck Up".

- The term was created in 2015 by Bay Area artist ' Ragz The King '.

** "Ctfu" is used as an alternative to "Lmao", "Lmfao", "Lol" and "Rotf" **

• Synonyms: Lmao, Lmfao, Lol, Rotf
"Bruhh, I was Ctfu When Joe Biden fell 3 times running up the stairs to Air Force One!"
by Ragz The King March 27, 2021
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cracking the fuck up “ this term is usually used to describe relatable funny posts on instagram
I am ctfu🤣🤣
by Kala😍🤩💞 November 11, 2018
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