A word to describe that moment when you are so embarrassed by someone elses behaviour that you want to shrivel up and disappear.
55 year old Lesley made a comment about her fanny and everyone obviously found it cringeful.
by Lucretia March 1, 2005
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A form of feeling of when you see something and have the feeling just disgust
Dude: Hey chad did you see the fnaf video the twerk of 87
Chad: yes i cringed the entire time
by Paper planet September 7, 2015
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Everyone except the youtubers who were in yt rewind 2018: ugh this is so cringe and where the fuck is pewdiepie
by subscribetopewdiepieandstanbts December 7, 2018
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The feeling when you've done something really embarassing.
Or when someone else does something embarassing.
"Oh man, i got hammered last night and slept with that really fat girl from college." *cringe*
by rachellllllllllll November 18, 2007
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That "Why am I still alive?" feeling.
"Omg Ryan did a dab again. That is so cringe"
by Daniel_Cakes August 8, 2017
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