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Creepy asshole. Overly sexual person and makes girls (or guys for that matter) feel very uncomfortable by posting weird comments on Facebook and MySpace.
Zaino is a creepass.
by SomeonefromCT February 26, 2007
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(adjective) someone who is overly creepy; i.e. creepy in every way possible. Makes girls very very uncomfortable and makes situations very very awkward. Prone to going for girls that are not interested in any way possible in the least bit.
"That dudes a creepass!"
by BobEmily November 15, 2006
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A guy who makes girls feel uncomfortable usually an older guy.
Example 1: AJ that security guard is such a creep ass

Example 2: Mr.Amato the gym teacher is such a creep ass he was creeping on Jackie
by hockeygrrl25 February 22, 2010
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a guy thats extremly creepy or horny. most times they creep or lurk searching for their next prey
girl #1- i just saw a guy looking through my dorm window!
girl #2- damn! that must be that creep ass senior
by IVY DAV! July 10, 2008
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all around sketchy as hell, especially in a sexual way. used to describe boys who are dirty, sketchy, and way too horny.

creepy assholes
those boys we chilled with on saturday night were so creep ass that all 5 of them hit on the same girl
by caitiehhtsg June 26, 2006
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A certain UCSB boy who spends his spare time fucking burritos purchased from Freebirds and after heavily drinking alone in his dorm room for many hours, sneaks into girls' rooms and engages in the act of stroking their legs while they sleep.
Girl #1: OMG! I woke up last night and CREEP ASS was stroking my leg!

Girl #2: UGH! No way! That is a creeper move for sure!
by BZ UCSB April 12, 2008
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