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Creative Zen is an Mp3 Player. While it is way higher in quality it is outshined by the Ipods advertisement. The difference between them is alot. The battey life is way longer than the Ipods. The Audio is also topnotch. You can Convert your media files to a higher quality with the audio converter(more on that seen below). It also comes with a few assessories included with the actual Player. All for $250 which is half of what an ipod costs.

What i think is Most important is how you get your music. The creative mp3 players, support WMA, MP3's, Which are the main ones I use. The best thing is that if you preffer to buy online music, you have many resources you can use. You can use Napster, pay $1 per song, or pay $15 for unlimited downloads called napster-to-go. You can also download music from Peer-to-peer sites, which is essentially free music(try looking up limewire or bearshare). 1000 songs for $1OOO DOLLARS?!? How about 1000 songs FOR FREE.

The Creative Zen comes with software you can use to sync your music and comes with an audio converter(it came with mine)which you can us to convert MP3's to WMA, and vice versa, wich you can use with some other audio formats. I use the software to convert 4MB MP3's to 1.5MB WMA's, Are you following me? Making you have more space for more songs. Something you wish you could do with your Ipod.
"Hey man, i got my new ipod this weekend!" -Ipod User
"Yeah How much"- Creative Zen User
"400 dollars, plus 200 songs off of itunes"-Ipod User
"Hahahaha. I got my Zen for $250 and 1000 free songs!"
by Bigmo May 07, 2006
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(n) A Portable MP3 Player designed by Creative Labs Ltd. Which is one of the earliest MP3 Players created by a "Mainstream" company.

It is often compared to the Apple Ipod due to the current replacement of MP3 Player as a general term for all devices, with Ipod by the mainstream culture.

In recent revisions of the device it appears that Creative have begun changing the propietary connectors used in MP3 players of its type to ones that are more standardises (i.e. Mini USB Jacks) rathern than make devices that require certain connectors that have to be bought from the creator of the device.

Due to the power of the Ipod brand Creative have recently changed their "IPod Beater" attitude and are focusing on creating MP3 Devices that are DIFFERENT than the Ipod.
"This is a Creative Zen MP3 Player, It's different from an Ipod".

Dude it's cheaper than an Ipod, Get a Zen!
by Redache September 15, 2008
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Over-praised mp3 player that does the basic things of any other. People though think this one's liek zomG so much kewler kuz itz leik wai bettar then teh ipodz11. People say it costs half of what an iPod costs, though this is a very wrong statement. The darn thing costs $250 and so does the iPod. I don't really find much difference between the two, although iPod beats Zen in advertisements. Still, the objective of MP3 players is letting you liten to music, and that's all people should need, people shouldn't care about the "extras" it has, just listen to music dammit. People these days.

Person 2: It's just a damn MP3 player. Don't make such a big fuzz about it. *whacks Person 1 with a lurker stick" :P
by JohnSmith15 May 13, 2007
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