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(n) A Portable MP3 Player designed by Creative Labs Ltd. Which is one of the earliest MP3 Players created by a "Mainstream" company.

It is often compared to the Apple Ipod due to the current replacement of MP3 Player as a general term for all devices, with Ipod by the mainstream culture.

In recent revisions of the device it appears that Creative have begun changing the propietary connectors used in MP3 players of its type to ones that are more standardises (i.e. Mini USB Jacks) rathern than make devices that require certain connectors that have to be bought from the creator of the device.

Due to the power of the Ipod brand Creative have recently changed their "IPod Beater" attitude and are focusing on creating MP3 Devices that are DIFFERENT than the Ipod.
"This is a Creative Zen MP3 Player, It's different from an Ipod".

Dude it's cheaper than an Ipod, Get a Zen!
by Redache September 15, 2008

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