Badass soccer player! Craque de Copa=Best Player of the Tournament
Messi es un pinche craque.
BK es mas craque de todos.
The Craque of the 2010 World Cup is Diego Forlan.
by drsoccer11 October 4, 2010
Craque is a fictionalised frenchified faggified spelling of crack.
"Get off le craque!"
by crOOk April 1, 2005
"Brazillian Craques" is an expression who,once and for all,is related to the REAL best soccer players in the world.We have five world championships and the greatest players of the soccer history.It´s complety out of mind consider the argentinians better than us.They arent´s.So this expression can be found in any magazine,newspaper,website of other media you want.
"The Brazillian Craques overcame the critics and got their fifth World Championship in Japan against Germany."
by Mário José Martins April 22, 2004