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Any unexpected mess involving mass quantities of fecal matter.

A project or incident that has gone totally wrong.

Shoddy workmanship.
The babies diaper was a total craptastrophe.

I fed my dog chinese last night and i woke up to a complete craptastrophe in my den.

John and I worked late and tried to fix the Holt project. After 6 hours its still a total craptastrophe.
by jen925 April 17, 2009
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A craptastrophe is any event resulting in an epic ejection of fecal matter.

From what or whom isn't as important as the fact that the end result is disaterous and messy. Generally requiring a minimal cleaning time of 30 minutes.

A fine example of a craptastrophe is an explosive shart.
Honey, I can't believe you fed the dog chili to the dog! Look at this craptastrophe in the kitchen! I mean, there's crap in the dishwasher!
by Brown Panic February 21, 2008
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when you bend over, pick something up that is heavy, and subsequently shit yourself right on the scene.
i bent over, picked up that heavy bar and shat my pants like my name was suzy crapster. what a craptastrophe
by devlin mcstrain February 14, 2009
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When something goes terribly wrong and makes a gigantic mess that, typically, one individual is left to clean up. As parents of babies and small children know, this phrase has a literal meaning. Small children occasionally have explosive bowel movements which, literally, leaves poo everywhere. This phrase is also a family-friendly replacement to "sh*$ hit the fan," which presumably is only a figurative statement.
1. Johnny woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach bug. It was a real craptastrophe!

There was a craptastrophe at work. My project completely disappeared from my computer.
by ProfDAR September 24, 2014
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