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spectacularly ridiculous; crap added as additional adjective to indicate level of stupidity.
If I didn't have to work on this craptaculous project, I would be able to go out with you.
by sprnwsgrl October 20, 2004
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a.k.a. scriptaculous the javascript UI libraries typically used in conjunction with Prototype JS.
I could have written all of my code in 3 lines, but I had to use Prototype and Craptaculous. So now my code consists of 20 lines to do the exact same thing.
by balls2Dwall November 30, 2010
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Of or pertaining to something disagreeable or undesireable. Having the characteristics of crap.
Example 1:"Man, i failed every one of my classes, i lost my wallet and my dog died. I am having a craptaculous day."

Example 2:"Oh my gosh, did you see her polkadoted shirt paired with those plad boy shorts? Boy does she look craptaculous today."
by Dominique March 21, 2005
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