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a car that is typically a piece of junk and destined for the crusher at the local junk yard. In some budget or racing circles a crapcan is the car of choice for competitors who race for 7 to 24 hours straight. Crapcans will never get you the girl or earn you "street cred" but can win you the race although not likely.
Man that thing in your garage is such a crapcan! You should take it to the junk yard.

No way! That is the only race car I can afford and I bet I can win a race with it.

Maybe if it doesn't catch fire first!
by porkchops22 April 07, 2011
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anything manufactured by the company known as belkin.
an example of a crapcan is crim_'s belkin model F5D6231 wireless router.
by crim_ January 27, 2008
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