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To feel "kind of" irritable and cranky, with a slight brooding or morose mood. Grumpy and bitter, but still feeling lively. Similar to angst but crankish people are often preoccupied and content with life.

Unlike angst and apprehension, people who are crankish tend to enjoy the harsh situation in the moment, rather than wallow over trivial issues. Unlike people who are edgy, people who are crankish do not want to be seen as cool and often show sarcasm, wit and dark humor. Angsty people ask why. Crankish people just sigh.
The color orange is totally crankish.

That fat school professor with the beard and wearing the nerdy 1950s glasses, is so crankish.

The misanthropic TV show character Daria was so crankish.
by Charmouche October 02, 2016
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