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A word used to insult a crackhead.or some1 who acks fucked up in the mind.or a person who has big black circles around their eyes.or a halfbacked mofo.
"Hey look at Matt Damask, That motherfuckin crackcoon!"
"This time ock is hittin it with him!!!"
by Kay kiss kiss December 31, 2004
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A person born from one white parent and one black parent.
a.k.a. cracker + coon = Crack-coon
Person A: January 20th 2009 was a historic day, the first black president was sworn into office!
Person B: Don't cha know his mama is white, fool!
Person A: Oh so we got a Crack-coon for a president.
by Black Nanther Lysie January 20, 2009
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