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When you stretch out your nut sack and pay a hooker to do a line of cocaine off of your stretched out sack.
Billy: Hey Dad! Guess what I got with my 15 dollars of allowance?!

Dad: What did ya get, sport?!

Billy: I got a black hooker to give me the crack sack down on 5th and Main in her '94 civic!

Dad: Last time I did that, the hooker got half way through the line and tweaked out and bit into my sack and I got half a line of coke directly to my balls! God I love your mother...
by Stretch Nuts March 30, 2008
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Another word for Jackpot. Only, instead of appealing to the gambling population, it appeals to the masses of junkie crackwhores.
A smart, ginger, musketeer? I've hit the cracksack!
by tob-ee-tack August 11, 2010
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