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Country rich is a situation in which a person has all or a combination of a full tank of gas, a bunch of beer, a few boxes of ammunition, some new copper line, a new hat, new fishing lures, a new part for the truck, new boots, or other such goods. It can also be used to describe the financial windfall of an amount that will be spent on any or all of those things immediately. Striking it country rich could come from selling more moonshine in one go than expected or surplus meat from a hunt. Being country rich is characterized by its short-term nature, and any business venture resulting in striking it country rich is usually an unplanned, unsustainable, one-off deal. A redneck can strike it country rich.
"Bird dog just had her puppies. That's a hundred dollars cash apiece. This ol' boy struck it country rich." - Justin Moore
by yomervokhets December 21, 2012
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