Those lame,local TV ads that drive customers away due to their amateurish,home-made,ridiculous,and downright embarrassing nature. Typically a low budget advertisement featuring the business owner dressed up as a clown,a king or a mattress. Often features the business owners kids or other family members.
Those Mister Mattress TV spots are counterproductive advertising.I'd never buy anything from that fool.
by wolfbait51 April 19, 2011
Any advertisement that causes the viewer to boycott the product rather than purchase it. They usually cause people to cringe with disgust when they see them. This does NOT include the Snuggie and the Shamwow T.V. ads(and a few select others) because they were so over the top, which made people want to buy them as a joke.
Snorgtees, The General Insurance, That new evil Cheeto's Cheetah, Mr. Mucus Mucinex, That one fungus commercial with the animated green blob living under your toenail, various internet spam popups, Head On, and many more depending on viewer opinion.

Person: "I can't stand that guy's voice who does the Carls Jr. commercials with all the messy burgers. He makes me want to eat at Jack-in-the-Box."
Nathan44294: "That is a counterproductive advertisement."
by Nathan44294 June 30, 2010