when you cough and curse at the same time.very usefull for in-class curses.very easy to use when you are sick.

harry:dude i think my girlfriend's cheating on me!
paul:really why do you think that?
harry:she keeps on goping out every saturday and when she comes back she's always tired.
paul:what's her name again?
paul:wait jackie?jackie resse?
harry:yeah why?
paul:sorry to tell ya dude,she's cheating on both of us!
harry:what!!i'm dumping her.
paul:shush here she comes now.
jackie:hi boys,what's all the shouting about?
the boys:oh nothing,just somthing about the game a few night back.
jackie:ahh boys and their sports.
jackie:what?are you getting a cold it's the summer vacation
paul:yeah and he just gave it to me.*coughs*prostitute.
jackie:boy that's on loud hack.
both:oh and jackie.
both:never cheat on two best budds.
jackie:oh well it lasted a while.
paul:get out of my house.
by hacker! June 07, 2009
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