when a dude wears short underwear, and gets a boner. the head of his dick extends beyond the reach of the underwear and hardens. it has now become the only visible part of his dick and resembles when a cotton-mouth peeks above the water
guy 1: dude did you see jonathon give his speech?
guy 2: yea
guy 1: i didn't get to make it. how'd it go?
guy 2: i don't remember alot of it; i was distracted. his dick was just barely showing, like it was peeking out of his underwear
guy 1: oh no! he cotton-mouthed?!
guy 2: totally, we needa buy him some underwear that fit
guy 1: yea, cotton-mouthing sucks
by gdat0 March 01, 2011
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The act of eating out a female while she has a tampon in, literally resulting in a mouth full of cotton
Mary, who was menstrating, was starting to get eaten out by Joe but Joe had to quit quickly because he got bad cotton mouth.
by 7Raulphie December 18, 2009
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a penis that belongs to someone who will accuse anyone who comes within three feet of him of being after it, and is very protective/proud of it.
Jones: Yo Brian you tyina grab my fat junk?!

Brian: no yo, I just dropped my lighter.

Jones: that's it me and my fat junk aint bouncin around this gay town no more.

Jeff: That's ok Jones nobody wants your dayum Cotton Mouth around here.
by homeskill November 22, 2010
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When a woman is sucking your cock blow your load in her mouth then immediatley after piss in her mouth while she is still swallowing your first load!
This bitch was sucking my dick and I Cotton Mouthed her...She wont suck my dick anymore
by Mr.Cotton August 19, 2009
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Soda with Lots of bubbles. Prefably Pepsi in a can and very cold. this works great! seriously, try it.

(the bubbles seem to make it go away)
im gonna get some Cotton Mouth Killer from the fridge, want any?
by Vincenzo December 03, 2003
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When you smoke with a chocolate flavored blunt wrap and have nothing to drink.
Stoner 1 and Stoner 2 toke a fat chocolate flavored blunt...
Stoner 1: Dude, it feels like theres coffee beans in the back of my throat!
Stoner 2: You must have a case of cotton mouth coffee beans.
by blaze1234567890987654321 August 17, 2008
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Refers to an extreme thirst brought about while high on marijuana.

Symptoms include: Extremely dry mouth, Excessive thirst, and a motivation to drink everything in sight.

Also referred to as simply, deep south
James Bonfire had Deep South Cotton Mouth last night and drank 5 water bottles in an hour
by James Bonfire June 23, 2011
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