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| ˈkɔ pərət <tista> |


Def’n: A member or supporter of a right-wing militant insurrectionist group for anti-social or anti-agrarian reforms which launched an unpopular uprising of the few in the state of New York in the late 1980s throughout the 2000s. Often a belonging member of the Corporatista Army of National Subordination, corporatistas favor neoliberal policy reform, heightened opacity in all establishments and institutions, increased profit margins, privitization of natural resources and black market companion trade services (i.e. prostitutes).

Etymology: Late Middle English, Latin, Portmanteau (corporate + Zapatista), bedroom in Philadelphia circa 2014
Wall Street and its' cohort of Corporatistas are quickly diminishing our democracy to little more than an oligarchy.
by fatcatswealthyhats November 07, 2014
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