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A widely used brand of IntraUterine Device (IUD) used to prevent pregnancy. It is a small 'T' shaped device placed inside the uterus. The copper in the arms of the device prevent sperm from making their way in the fallopian tubes.
An IUD may be over 99% effective for up to twelve years. IUD's are not without disadvantages, however. A small percentage of women are allergic to copper or reject the IUD immediately, experiencing minor inflammation, cramping, pain, and bleeding, and the IUD may increase the severity of menstrual discomfort. IUD's do nothing to protect against sexually transmitted diseases, and must be inserted and removed by a medical professional. Also, some men can feel the removal strings during intercourse, causing discomfort. The initial cost of an IUD is high, but after 2 years, is less than the same woman would have spent on other forms of birth control.
My wife had a Copper-T IUD inserted 4 years ago, and she has not become pregnant.
by BillyV April 25, 2007
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A product of population control in India, and an item of great mystery to high school kids, and cooper-T is a T shaped strip of copper inserted into the sac of a female, to ensure non-fertilisation. The arms of the T are highly coiled. This has a 97% sucess rate. The copper deactivates the sperm, and the coiled arms are a physical barrier to prevent fertilisation.
Copper T is not in use now. It was never in use, actually.
by Gunkglumb June 02, 2005
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