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An act of cockblocking, performed by any type of police officer, typically preventing sexual intercourse from occurring between couples belonging to the magical under-21 year old demographic, who are otherwise completely innocent of anything. Also typically occurs when the police officer involved is inexplicably feeling particularly unwilling to catch real criminals, and has no good reason for performing the copckblock. Fuck dem popos.
Bro 1: Yo bros! Bros! Last night I was about to eat some tasty pussy when some fuckin' pigs kicked in my window and made me go home! I wasn't even drunk, when I asked for a Breathalyzer to prove it, that fuckin asshole took it out and hit me in the mouth with it, giggled a lot, yelled 'FACIAL' and drove off. Fuck the police, bro.
Bro 2: Yeah you totally got copckblocked, bro. Fuck the police.

Cop 1: Dude, we've hit up Dunkin' Deezy four times already tonight and given three senior citizens speeding tickets, enough stopping crime for tonight--there are some kids making out at a picnic table up there, whatta ya say?
Cop 2: Fuck yeah, copckblock those motherfuckers! Put the siren on, dude, let's run up on these fools!
by Samuel Lyons May 21, 2008
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