an origami "fortune-teller" device made out of paper - a favorite among girls around 6th grade or so, but popular with all ages and genders.

To make a cootie-catcher, fold a paper square to form four "pyramids". The player opens and closes the pyramids with their index fingers and thumb, revealing different things (usually numbers or colors) on the inside surfaces.

The person who is having their "fortune" told chooses once, twice, or three times, and then the paper is unfolded to reveal a "fortune"
Jessica: "Wanna play cootie catcher? It'll tell you who your boyfriend is!"

Suzie: "Okay!"

Jessica: "Pick a number."

Suzie: "Okay- um - 4. Now - Red. Now 6. (unfolds cootie catcher message) Eeuuwww - I do NOT like Timmy Jones! Yuck!"
by smendler December 11, 2009
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Metaphor for the vagina--multiple folds and inner walls.
Brooke spent the afternoon playing with her cootie-catcher instead of going to the movies as initially planned.
by Gigi Coker March 6, 2019
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