5 definitions by Gigi Coker

1. Julie was so turned on by the size of Brandon's jing-jang.

2. Danielle stood naked in front of Chris, the inside of her jing-jang getting moist.

3. Joe and Theresa jing-janged all night long.
by Gigi Coker April 30, 2018
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Wow, Rachel's diddly-do is a freakin bush! When was the last time she shaved?
by Gigi Coker July 21, 2017
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Metaphor for the vagina--multiple folds and inner walls.
Brooke spent the afternoon playing with her cootie-catcher instead of going to the movies as initially planned.
by Gigi Coker March 6, 2019
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What a girl has between her legs. Not to be confused with dinglehopper, which is a penis.
by Gigi Coker July 15, 2017
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