C- Constipated
O- Overweighted
O- Out-of-style
L- Loser

Used on dumbasses to think you're giving them a compliment.
Nerd: Hey your C.O.O.L!
Bully: Thanks geek!
Nerd: Ahaha! You're a constpated overweighted out-of-style loser!
Bully: * clenches fist*
Nerd: I gotta run now.
by totally787 March 26, 2010
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A new way to describe your currency

Having lots of cool (money) allows you to do cool shit

There are many different 'types' of cool

Sensible Cool- the type of cool used to pay bills, buy food and other boring shit.

Degenerate Cool- the best type of cool ever, this is for drinking, gambling and hookers

Timely Cool- birthday cool and tax rebates

There are also a few Cool Rules,

Rule 1: Timely Cool can be converted into Degenerate Cool at any time, but not Sensible Cool.

Rule 2: You may allocate 20 percent of your monthly salary into Sensible Cool but once you have run out your fucked, even if you have 3kool sitting in you Degenerate Cool account.

Rule 3: Never accidentally call your Cool "money", "pounds", "dollars" ect and if you do, immediately apologise for your error and use the term Cool in a sentence as soon as possible in order to fully rectify your mistake.
dude goes into bank

Dude: "id like to transfer all of my sensible cool into my degenerate cool account please"

Cashier: "certainly sir, you sound like an awesome guy, i wish i was your friend"

Another dude goes into bank

Dude "I'd like to transfer all my degenerate cool into my Sensible Cool account"

Cashier "Fuck Off"
by NUGNUGS October 07, 2011
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Cool, originating from chill as in chilling out

Now used in many ways:

Cool - Agreement
Cool - Impressive
Cool - State of being
Cool - Type of person's popularity
Cool - Agreement:
"You go this way and i'll head round the back... yeah?"
"Cool, yeah..."

Cool - Impressive:
"Wow that show was pretty cool"

Cool - State of being:
"How you feeling? Any better?"
"yeah I'm cool, dont worry."

Cool - Type of person's popularity:

"Hey theres those cool kids going for a smoke"
by Ben A Jones July 03, 2006
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a simplified way of telling someone to shut the fuck up because you don't give a shit.
"lolz hey! it's me! i'm not morbidly obese anymore!"

by Alex Lee March 02, 2005
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