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the slang term used among stoners to discribe weed
dude did you bring the cookies i brought the papers
by mr.weedninja April 30, 2011
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Someone you find to be a bit strange.
Jason is cooky, but he's still my friend.
by Steve March 05, 2005
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pieces of information stored on your computer by Web sites, used to remember login information and other data
by Czq'bqymc October 02, 2004
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1) Delicious and sugary treats.

2) Stuff that your computer stores when it visits certain websites.

3) A codeword for weed that is used in mixed company.
1) Mmm! Your mom bakes the best chocolate chip cookies!

2) I often delete my cookies when I don't want my parents to know which websites I've been to.

3) Sure! I'd love to go to the movies. I'll bring some cookies we can have beforehand (wink wink).
by nugget410 November 03, 2009
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