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The word „coodoing” refers to the innovative, modular instant-build concept named “coodo”, by LTG Lofts to go GmbH, Germany, who developed a modular flexible Home in contemporary design. The “coodo” represents a new dimension in residential housing solutions. “coodo” and “coodoing” are always written without capitals. “coodoing” is a neologism, combining the product name “coodo” with the act of “doing”. “coodoing” expresses the act of staying or dwelling inside a “coodo”, as well as the enjoyment of the feeling of boundless space and freedom that can be felt inside the “coodo”. “coodoing” can be understood as the sum of activities, feelings and enjoyment that one can experience inside a “coodo”.
A: Any plans for the weekend?
B: I'm coodoing, and you?
by loftstogo March 31, 2017
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