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A forced conversation with a person who is obviously not interested in talking to you; talking to a person who is trying to read or study, stopping a person in the hall who was avoiding eye contact with you, and seeking a person out for a pointless conversation are all conversational rape.
"I was trying to do my homework and she just kept talking about her vitamins. it was awful. the worst conversational rape i've ever been through."
by Amy January 17, 2005
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The traumatizing conversational method of a person who thinks he/she is intellectually superior to you and therefore takes every opportunity to interrupt you and insult every idea you may want to add to the largely one-way conversation. Very common among city intellectuals and professionals. The training ground is usually an Ivy League school, but an education in this art often begins in the home of people who have large objects permanently stuck in their rear end and/or people who have something to prove because they are afraid we will all find out how stupid they actually are or how small their wee-wees are.
I don't like going to that bar because all of the Wall Street guys who go there think that conversational rape is a great way to charm a girl.

by Grisel May 13, 2006
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