A fee added on top of the original fee due to the ease of payment.
"We noticed it was too easy for you to give us your money, so naturally, we'll need you to give us more. Therefore, you have been assessed a "convenience fee".
by Fred Sampson April 4, 2018
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A fee for paying a speeding ticket fine online. Convenience fees were invented by traffic courts after they implemented online fine payments. They recognized that traffic tickets were meant to be punitive and online payments of fines seemed less punitive than mailing a check or paying in person, so they are having traffic violators pay more for the convenience of paying online. Other greedy companies decided to copy traffic courts and decided to add convenience fees to their bills to customers.
Traffic violator: My fine is $105. I'll just pay online now that this option is available.

NJMCDIRECT: "$105 fine plus $3 convenience fee"

(15 years later)

Electric bill: "$62.25 plus $2.25 convenience fee"

Hertz rental car toll bill: "$4.25 tolls plus $19.98 convenience fee"

Former traffic violator: (Flashbacks to paying a speeding fine 15 years earlier) "Speeding ticket speeding ticket speeding ticket..."
by Leopards14 October 2, 2023
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