A wiki, very similar to wikipedia on everything. However..i have noticed many hypocrisies and hmm, well crackpot theories.

The hypocrisy which pisses me off most is that in the "Examples of Bias in wikipedia" article http://www.conservapedia.com/Examples_of_Bias_in_Wikipedia)

number 22. (out of 133 ffs)reads:

"Wikipedia has an extensive entry on "Creation myth".40 Describing Creationism as a "myth" is yet another attempt to disparage Christians, and although the theory of evolution satisfies Wikipedia's definition of "myth", Wikipedia never describes it as a "myth". "

Fair enough, slightly mental, but he has a point...yes?
However...looking at the article on the conservapedia article "Dreamtime", an australlian aboriginal creation story; IT is described as a myth.

So Christian creationism is NOT a myth but any other creationism is?? hmmm...

also on the article about kangaroos (boing boing) there is a large 3 paragraph section on the Young Earth Creationist theory and only 1/2 a sentence on the evolutionary theory

so the YEC theory which is probably less supported than evolution recieves more coverage than a well established and most probably correct theory.
Conservapedia on Wikipedia: "Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia founded by entrepreneur and atheist Jimmy Wales..."

umm yehh..why mention atheism?
by A REAL WORLD PERSON August 10, 2008
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A webpage which serves a purpose of countering Wikipiedia's alleged bias towards "liberalism." The truth is, it's just an intolerant, religious persn that bashes everything that goes against his religious, political, and scientific views, that most closely resemble those of a caveman. An apparently strong believer in the Jonah in the whale fairy tale of the bible, he insists that evolutionists suffer a syndrome called "evolution syndrome" and that we just "somehow" know that we came from other species. In what his words would be, he is a false prophet.
GOP convention

John: I saw a black man today. Oh, and also one of those hippies evolutionists.

Calvin: yeah i read about them in conservapedia. Strange folk
by LukeSky🚢 May 01, 2014
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Person #1: I went on Conservapedia today.

Person #2: You must be really smart now.

Person #1: I got an A on my test 25 minutes afterward.
by Illinoisian November 25, 2018
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