A consent culture is one in which the prevailing narrative of sex is centered around mutual consent. It is a culture with an abhorrence of forcing anyone into anything, a respect for the absolute necessity of bodily autonomy, a culture that believes that a person is always the best judge of their own wants and needs.

A consent culture is also one in which mutual consent is part of social life as well. Don't want to talk to someone? You don't have to. Don't want a hug? That's okay, no hug then. Don't want to try the fish? That's fine. Don't want to be tickled or noogied? Then it's not funny to chase you down and do it anyway.
Consent culture works like this:

"May I give you a hug?"(Or outstretched arms in typical hug fashion)
"Absolutely!" ( Reciprocated arms in typical hug fashion)
"Would you like it if I used the paddle?"
"Tonight, I'd like to use the straight jacket and spreader bar on you, what do you think?"
"I'm not in the mood for that right now, maybe net week?"
"Ok, sounds good."
"Can I stick my throbbing cock into your every orifice?"
"I understand. Is there anything you would like instead?"
*Note that in every example, the person asking for consent respects the other person's wishes.
by M_Wanderers February 17, 2014
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An irrational current of thought, an outgrowth of the sexual predator-based culture of fear, that apparently is turning, if not altogether consciously, spontaneous, delicious, oft messy and ever wonderful human sexuality into a computer algorithm. Respect for other people's rights is a core foundation of civil society, but this goes to show that pretty much anything can be overdone.
Step 1: "Can I hug you?"
Step 2: "Yes"
Step 3: *gives a hug*

//Attempt to initiate physical sexual contact through verbal question.
String bsquestion = new String("May I hug you?");

//Await response, when response is received, if you are still possibly in the mood for romance, act on previously stated request.
NoPassionHug = new Hug Jhug();
return NoPassionHug();

//p.s. learn java (goes for me as well)
//p.p.s. consent culture is BS.
by Baconking November 18, 2007
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