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An irrational current of thought, an outgrowth of the sexual predator-based culture of fear, that apparently is turning, if not altogether consciously, spontaneous, delicious, oft messy and ever wonderful human sexuality into a computer algorithm. Respect for other people's rights is a core foundation of civil society, but this goes to show that pretty much anything can be overdone.
Step 1: "Can I hug you?"
Step 2: "Yes"
Step 3: *gives a hug*

//Attempt to initiate physical sexual contact through verbal question.
String bsquestion = new String("May I hug you?");

//Await response, when response is received, if you are still possibly in the mood for romance, act on previously stated request.
NoPassionHug = new Hug Jhug();
return NoPassionHug();

//p.s. learn java (goes for me as well)
//p.p.s. consent culture is BS.
by Baconking November 18, 2007
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