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He is a nugbot and he is my nugbot, so connor smith is defined as the most wonderful-est nug in the world, he also snores and kicks you out of bed when he's sleeping, so you can't share the same bed. He also eats fish, and wags his tail and barks like a cat when he's hungry. He can't dance to save his life, so no telling him to dance because he'll fail (bless him). He can run like a snail and eat people's toenails, he likes to fart while sleeping and accuses you that it wasn't him when blatantly it was. He laughs at people when they fall over and points to them and then copies them, because he thinks it's clever. He loves to wear shorts in the winter because it sets all the trends and he loves to wear sunglasses when it rains because everyone does. And that's the moral of the story, never believe the internet.
Connor Smith is the real donatello from teenage mutant ninja turtles because he's a computer wiz kid.
by Leighonardo February 07, 2015
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Kid from apple valley with small penis and thinks hes cool cause he is white
Who is that?
Connor smith Thats a connor

by Weggietimeboi October 26, 2016
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