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An insult towards comcast, used to describe their poor service.
You guys have comcast?

by sunsnail June 10, 2007
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a fake video that looks like it is a "how to" video but in fact was only posted with what appears to be innovative material with the intentions of getting more views and/or money
Jason: Did you see that viral video on how to unlock your door with just a tennis ball?

Bob: Yeah that was just a con cast, don't even try it and don't send the link to others
by poopchico December 28, 2007
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a video created and posted online (on websites such as metacafe which offers money for high viewer volume) that demonstrates how to do something but is in fact fake. Typically the video becomes so viral and popular that other online users subsequently post it to other video sharing sites.
I saw this awesome video online that shows how to turn milk into sugar! Let's try it...aww it didn't work! It must have been another con cast!
by peaceninja November 26, 2007
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