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A selective shitty school in Ann Arbor that required a lottery to get in, to make themselves seem more prestigious to get in. The name is a blatant lie as they do a really good job at making you feel like you aren't worth fucking jack the moment you walk through the door. The teachers are either great or complete shit that don't give a single fuck about anything accept punching the shit out of blunt with the janitors in the second floor bathroom. Everyone smokes weed. I mean fucking EVERYONE does. The weird kids on the first floor. The weird kids on the second floor. The normal kids on the third floor. The people who are too cool and or stoned to eat at Community (Class of 2016.) Everyone. All the freshman are high as the fucking clouds, the sophomores are fucking everyone and everything that moves, the juniors think they are a bunch of trendsetters but they are actually just retarded, and the seniors think they are perfect but the communal hatred of them brings the other classes together. Everyone is the worst. Everyone thinks they are better then everyone else but they are actually a bunch of useless wank stains that are gonna end up working at a cubicle in Missouri for 50,000$ a year. No diversity, maybe 10 people that aren't white. Girls wear tight clothing with there titties popping out and ass exposed intentionally and then complain about women stereotypes. Everyone is the fucking worst.
Me: fuck community high school
by Cocki massigus February 07, 2015
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