(Annick)...But only the townsfolk ever say it right.
Small town in the North East of England. All the buildings are made of cocaine. If you run your hand along any flat surface you end up with 15 quid worth of cocaine on your hand. When it snows that's just the cocaine- cycle (a bit like the water cycle but for Alnwick) at play. Most of the town's inhabitants are over the age of 50 and over the limit most of the time.
Wayaye marra, howay we'll gan to Alnwick bussy for a kebab and a few lines eh?
by Noctis Lucis Gelus May 08, 2018
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A town where you could have farted at one end of the townand then by the time it got to the other end of the town you have shit yourself.
Have you been to alnwick? Aye mate I have why? I heard you shit yourself there like.. Nar mate I only farted a didn’t follow though.
by Little94 April 14, 2018
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