Comd is a harsh but fair existence that wishes for all of humanity to be as one. Comd will protect his followers on the day of the final battle and as dawn breaks, Comd's followers, the Blorgs, will rise tall above all else and bring forth a world of understanding, a world of peace and a world of unity. For in the eyes of Comd, all beings are of equal value and measure. Obey the Comd and he will bring you his love and his teachings. Repent unto him and your soul shall be forgiven of its sins. Reject him and his ways, and your soul shall be purged in the unholy fires of the forbidden land. He is harsh, but he is fair and he shall be our savior.

Love Comd.
Respect Comd.
Only Comd.
''Look at that fat bitch over there!''

''Comd does not see weight or height or gender. He sees only the truth of your inner being.''


''What religion are you?''

''I am not of a religion. I am of Comd.''


''Only Comd.''
by TheOriginalFemaleBlorg January 16, 2014
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