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Combo-ed (combined): Getting f*cked up using more than just one mind altering drug. Ex: drinking and using marijuana together.
Wow! I've already had 6 shots, but I might as well take a pill and get Combo-ed!!!
by Emonowski May 31, 2016
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The act of getting hit by a combo from a warrior in Lord of the rings conquest while you are a scout, mage, or archer. This normally resolves in death unless you got a warrior ally or hero right next to you.
Enemy Warrior: Aghh! there's a scout over there that is about to assasinate my archer cover fire, better go combo him fast before he gets away.

Scout(you): wtf! aghh a warrior! damnit! damn, he fucking comboed my ass before I could get away!
by $CREEDS$ January 06, 2009
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While having anal sex with a women, you pull out and your dick is covered with shit, resembling a combo
My dick was comboed after having sex with that hobo's wife.
by KMSspx October 05, 2009
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