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A term used in fighting games, such as Capcom vs SNK 2, where one player would connect a combo of 3 hits that only consists of two light punches followed by a sweep. A combo consisting of three light punches then a sweep, even though it has one more punch is considered an inferior combo simply because it is not the "best combo".
Player A and Player Y are playing CvS2.
Player Y misses a special move leaving him open for punishment.
Player A takes this opportunity to retaliate with the BEST COMBO.

Player B who is spectating becomes infuriated seeing that combo landing on someone over and over again and asks,
"Why don't you use a better combo?"

Player A responds,
"What are you talking about man? That's the BEST COMBO!"
by pheeelsogoot May 19, 2009
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When your friend thinks he's the shit and posts things on instagram like a skateboard next to an energy drink and captions it best combo
by THE ONE AND ONLY SP June 26, 2017
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