The combo at McDonalds with the highest meat to dollar ratio. It is best suited for the Hebrew community as well as bros who need to eat while still leaving enough money for booze. The combo consists of two McDoubles and either a large drink during dollar drink days or if not then the infinitely refillable small drink.
If an individual is feeling adventurous it is accepted to replace the two McDoubles with a McGangBang though this is not a conventional J Combo.
The numerical cost of this combo differs whether in Canada or in the US though this combo will always be under 5 dollars.
Bro 1: Bro what are you going to get today?

Bro 2:Is that even a question? The J combo obviously

Bro 1: You cheap fuck

Bro 2: Hey can get the J combo

Questionable McDonalds Employee: $3.97 please
by McDeezysAllStar July 30, 2010
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