An Italian word weaning godmother. Always makes sure you're eating, or have been fed.
Me: "Comare please I've had enough, I'm so full!!"

Comare : "No, no mangia figlia, mangia!!"
by lamborghinisandpasta May 1, 2015
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Comar is a very great person, that has girls brains and power they have a strong mentality of what they want to do in like.These people are known for great leadership skills very sexy on body and love pretty, smart,intelligent,goofy,clean and well dressed women the women admires his big dick
Comar is very sexy i want his number
by SLIME SLB March 25, 2021
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Comar is person attracts the attention of women. Comar is someone who’s very careful of his surroundings, who looks at the things like nobody else, he can see through a person. And is a very tough and non quitter
WOW, there’s comar, he is so Hot
by C1-Kurdd sc November 6, 2019
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He knows what he wants and he will not stop until he is successful he is smart,handsome,very kind,helpful and any girl is lucky enough to find a one of a kind, sometimes he can b(a dick head,a retard (in a good way),a twat, a pain in the ass )
Comar is a well kept person if you come across any one name comar you are very lucky comar will say what is on his mind they will not hesitate also most of them very tall

They are very sweet people
Is that Comar??
His parents must b very happy to have a very handsome boy
by Square up fool November 23, 2021
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