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no zero's aloud bullshit!
gay ass dress codee!
Saturday school really?
doc spends school funds on cigs fake tans and sports cars..
starts at 7 o'clock
hang out spot at the movies and Mcalisters
you will find wannabe rednecks bi or gay emo people and stuck preppy bitches.
have teachers that smoke weed such as miss shuler.
one of the most boring places you will ever go
if you ever wanna find the football field follow the dragon paws on the streets
when on byhalia if you see something that resembles a jail its the high school.
old creepy gym teachers such as coach brock
smushed cockroaches in everywhere through out the school and the occasional live one.
if you walk into the school and its a little smelly don't worry its just the backed up sewage
unidentable school lunches
biggest trends sleeping around getting high and or drunk
know as a snoby rich kid school
fights over stupid things like lunch seats
while walking down stairs or halways you will see dip stuck to the walls and will have the lights turned off on you
if you are not forced then do not ever come to collierville you will die of boredum!
by anonymus bitch :) March 27, 2009
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