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When "Pay It Forward" (money given/donated) is combined with "collaborating" between 2 individuals within a group of like-minded people. The results are of "epic proportions" in receiving Funds & Income. Unlike like traditional donations, which only benefits one individual/group - Collabonating benefits BOTH parties involved - a very unique WIN-WIN equation. Word is coined by the Better Living Movement in 2014, Founder - Raul Marin
If you're in need of funds, just collabonate with someone rather than asking for a donation or loan.

When you collabonate with someone to acquire funds, you BOTH end up getting money.

Collabonating sure beats having to that 9-5 daily grind!

Collabonation is a way better alternative to traditional Fund Raising!

Me attend College for 4 years and spend 10s of thousands of dollars? No way José! I'd rather skip all that, and collabonate and achieve prosperity now!
by PowerToThePeople November 17, 2014
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