Shared housing designed to support a purpose-driven life. A modern, urban lifestyle that values openness, sharing, and collaboration.
No dad, it's not a hippie commune. It's coliving. It's kinda like coworking, but in a house. Get it??
by unkiepropro October 11, 2013
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An olive stuffed with cocaine.

If you like olives and you like cocaine you will love colives.

Cut out the middle man.

there are of course many varients inc:

crolive - olive stuffed with crack

ketolive - olive stuffed with ket

hey man want to buy some colives??

how much??

3 for a tenner?

by Lady Penelope Twathandler March 27, 2009
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An atrocious place of business. Unprofessionalism and sexual misconduct thrive in its environment. If you ask for assistance you’ll find yourself very unwelcome to have done so. The employees here are beyond scum of the earth.
“Hi, welcome to Colive Garden! If you need anything, please don’t ask.”
by Tobymagwire July 21, 2022
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